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Wapi means lucky. Try it for yourself and see how it might change your luck.

Deer lures typically come in two forms – either a liquid to be applied in drops onto the ground or as various kinds of impregnated cloth or plastic sachets. Both have disadvantages – liquid lure dissipates quickly and washes away completely at the first rain, while sachets can maintain a scent for longer but ultimately end up polluting our hunting grounds (let's face it, who wants to pick them up after the hunt)

Wapi is a new way to distribute to distribute doe urine – both long lasting and biodegradable. We take liquid doe urine and infuse it under ultra high vacuum to pull it deep inside a micro-porous biodegradable/ compostable polymer pellet.

When you sprinkle the pellets on the ground the smell gradually diffuses out, but won't wash away with the first rain. The pellets are self-contained little pockets of smell. They are easy to deploy and much easier than conventional lures lay a trail to encourage the buck in the direction you want him to go.

How well does it work?

Like all lures it's impossible to prove but here is a quick story from my own back yrd: judge for yourself.

After multiple attempts we finally had what we believed to be an acceptable pellet, we were still a couple of weeks away from hunting season to be able to have someone try it out. So I took some home and sprinkled a dozen pellets in my back yard, 20' from my kitchen window, right on the edge of the trees.

  Wapi pellets, on the bench & in the grass
We live in the City of Midland, MI. I have seen the occasional doe in our back yard but in twelve years living there I had never seen a buck. I was totally surprised when reaching over the sink the next morning to see a big beautiful buck sat right where I had sprinkled the pellets. Scrambling, I found my phone and snapped his picture. Not too impressive since I was half asleep and the window mesh was in the way.

November 9th 2012 – Buck appeared the next morning after spreading Wapi pellets.

Over the next couple of weeks, the buck kept coming back every couple of days. Now I was more prepared and got some better pictures.

I started sneaking around the side of the house to get closer. The buck saw me, stood up grunting and faced off at me like he was going to attack before finally turning back into the woods.

It's hard to prove how effective a buck lure is but I do know for certain that it brought a buck to a place in a built up area where I had never before seen a buck and had him return there half a dozen times over a two week period. All with a dozen Wapi Pellets – which will compost into the soil before next season.

Wapi lure pellets are available directly from Fulcrum Composites Inc.

Price is $15 per jar and includes free shipping within the lower 48 states.

Make checks payable to Fulcrum Composites Inc

Michigan residents add 6% sales tax

Contact Us:

For all inquires regarding 'Wakanda' products please email us as the address below:

email : info@fulcrumcomposites.com

Fulcrum Composites Inc 1407 E. Grove St., Midland, MI, 48640, USA

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